May 2, 2019

Research Tools

SOM believes in the importance of developing the tools that enable the software community to apply and benefit from the research we do. But we also want to be honest about the quality and current maintenance effort behind each tool.

Below, you’ll find the list of SOM tools available in our GitHub repository  classified according to these four levels of OSS maintenance (thanks Devon for the hint):

Experimental = Brand new! Anything goes! 🌟 Active = Ongoing work! Upcoming features!
⚖️ Stable = Nothing new on our roadmap 🗃️ Archived = Fork it if you like it!

List of Tools and Research Prototypes

Xatkit Bot Framework A generic platform to specify complex (chat) bots and automatize their deployment
AsyncAPI Toolkit A Modeling Editor and Code Generator for AsyncAPI
JSON Discoverer Visualize the schema lurking behind your JSON documents
OpenAPI Bot A chatbot to help you understand REST APIs
JSONSchema-to-UML A tool to generate UML models from JSON schema documents
APIComposer Model based composition of REST APIs
API Discoverer Discover the schema behind an API Online – Generate its OpenAPI definition automatically
APITester A proof-of-concept prototype to generate test cases for REST APIs using their OpenAPI definitions
Collaboro Approach to make language development processes participative
constraint-mutation Prototype for our OCL constraint strengthening tool
CPN Tools Toolkit EMF metamodel and one-way interoperability bridge between EMF and CPN Tools
EMF-REST A tool to generate RESTful APIs for EMF models
EMFtoCSP Bounded verification of UML/OCL (or EMF/OCL) models
Governance Rule Generator Our very first prototype to generate governance rules for software projects
lsp4gml Proof-of-concept prototype to test our LSP infrastructure for graphical languages
MetaScience Online service for analyzing research profiles of scientists and conferences
Mogwaï Translates model queries and transformation into native (NoSQL) database queries
NeoEMF Scalable model persistence based on NoSQL databases
ocl-backwardreasoning Proof-of-concept implementation of backward reasoning for model transformations
OData Generator A tool to generate OData REST APIs from UML models
OData Profile A UML profile for OData REST APIs
WAPIml A round-trip tool that leverages model-driven techniques to create, visualize, manage, and generate OpenAPI definitions
OSS Foundations Analysis on Open Source Foundations
TemporalEMF Temporal (meta)modeling framework based on EMF that adds native temporal support for models.
Publish-subscribe Tools Profile for the annotation and simulation (via Petri nets) of sequence diagrams expressing interactions following the publish subscribe paeradigm.
GiLa Visualization tool to analyze the labels used in GitHub projects
Gitana A SQL-based Project Activity Inspector

We always appreciate your feedback and contributions (just beware of your expectations, depending on the status of the tool you’re interested in). And make sure to read about the research works behind each tool!