Model RESTful API + Validation + Security

What is EMF-REST?

EMF-REST generates truly RESTful APIs for your EMF models. EMF-REST complements the existing (Java-based) API generation facilities EMF already provides and extends them to the Web.

Thanks to EMF-REST, web developers can quickly get a RESTful API derived from their models with validation and security support plus a JavaScript library to simplify the interaction with the API.


REST Service


EMF-REST automatically creates a RESTful API conforming to the JAX-RS specification that can be automatically deployed in your application server.

JSON Serialization

JSON Serialization

The API supports JSON format which makes suitable for web clients


XML Serialization

The API supports also XML format

REST Service


EMF-REST employs a model-based approach using OCL to validate data. To allow validation, attach your rules with model and they will be automatically checked each time you modify an element

JSON Serialization


Authentication, Encrytion, and Authorization. Secure and controle the access of your API.

JavaScript API

JavaScript library

EMF-REST also generates a JavaScript library to facilitate the management of the API on the client-side (e.g. use of the dot notation for navigation).