November 3, 2015

Join our team

Research is (or should be) always the result of a collaborative effort. Therefore, we are always looking to build new win-win relationships with interested people/companies.

We’ll be more than happy to welcome you aboard as a new full-time team member, as an associate researcher or as partner company . Just get in touch ( jordi.cabot at ) and we’ll schedule a chat to explore the best options.

Come to work with us

Are you interested in our research topics? Would you like to join our team (as a student intern, Ph.D. student, post-doctoral researcher, visiting professor,…)? If so, feel free to get in touch (include your CV and let us know why you’d like to join us). We’d be happy to work together to find a way to bring you in if we think you could be a good match for us. Note that due to the variety of our research topics we’re not only looking for researchers with a software background, we are also interested in expanding our team with researchers with an economy, social science (in the broadest sense), complex systems or artificial intelligence profile.

We’re located in the wonderful city of Barcelona (if the team does not look attractive enough, I’m sure our city will convince you!) but the working language of the team is English.

When available, more information on specific calls can be found just below.

Postdoc Grants (3-years) for the incorporation of postdoctoral research staff into the Catalan science and technology system – Beatriu de Pinós programme (BP 2019)

The Beatriu de Pinós is an excellent and prestigious opportunity to get a 3-year postdoc grant to work on any of the topics of the team. No project telcos, no teaching, just research!!

Follow the link above to read more about the program and its conditions (the most important one: you must have 2-years of postdoctoral experience outside Spain) and get in touch if interested.

Deadline: End of January 2020.

PhD thesis in the SOM Research Lab

Open University of Catalonia (where the team is located) has open the yearly call for applications to start a funded PhD Thesis. The exact topic of thesis will be agreed on between the candidate and the team member/s supervising him/her. Check our research lines or our publications to get an idea of the domains we work on.

Only highly qualified PhD candidates with a master’s degree in computer science should apply as the grants are limited and awarded by an internal committee based on the merits of the candidate. Nevertheless, this is not the only option: you can also enroll to do a remote (non-funded) PhD Thesis (keep in mind, this is a learning model quite challenging at the PhD Level) or an industrial PhD (where you’ll be working between the team and a company to solve an industrial problem the company is facing).

Feel free to get in touch to discuss your profile and potential topics of interest (I’ll only answer to prospective emails that make some sense, refrain to spam me).


It’s also possible to spend some months working with us as part of an internship during your CS degree. Especially, if you would like to help us evolving our tools.

If you can adhere to the “curricular internships” modality, you can even get university credits for this that will help you to finish your degree sooner.

Become an associate researcher

If you can’t join us in Barcelona, we can still work together! We could setup a collaboration between our teams or, if you’re an independent researcher, integrate you into our own structure. You could become an associate researcher and participate remotely in our research activities and projects. Upon certain conditions, this includes covering travel costs to visit us and/or disseminate join results.

Be a partner company

We look forward to working with software companies to learn more about their real problems and needs and, hopefully, to later come back with a suitable solution you could validate and give feedback on. If you think you could help and/or are looking for a solution to any kind of software-related problem, we want to hear from you!. Even if you don’t have an immediate question to pose, we are always interested in keeping track of companies and what topics are of interest for them so that we know who to approach when in need of some industrial validation for new projects.

Please note that collaborations with research teams do not always cost money, in fact, they can save you a lot of money. Funding is always nice but a necessary condition. Sometimes, just giving some of your time to chat with us and share your thoughts on what we do is more than enough! So don’t let money deter you.

For more long-term collaborations, especially if they target a core problem in your company, funding would be nice but we can always look for full/partial external funding (like industrial PhDs program, participation in national/international projects,…). So, no excuses, let’s talk!