June 2, 2016

Research lines

The SOM team is interested in all aspects of software and sytems engineering from code to models and all the way up to the people that build those models and use that software. Check our publications page for a full list of topics we’re working on or keep reading for a short non-exhaustive list of relevant topics. As always, please get in touch if you’re a researcher or a company interested in collaborating with us on any of them.

  • Model-driven engineering
    • NoSQL backends for storing very large models
    • Model-based analysis of security policies (of firewall configurations, JEE,…)
    • Model-driven reverse engineering, e.g. of APIs and JSON documents
    • Views on heterogeneous (meta)models
    • Collaborative aspects of language development
  • Formal methods
    • Translation of high-level models and rules to formalisms like constraint programming or relational logic
    • Model-based testing
    • “Smart” verification of models and model transformations
  • Software Analysis
    • Governance of open source software
    • Mining GitHub software repoositories
    • Bus Factor of OSS projects